How to Get the Snakes Out of the Wall?

Providence snake

Snakes are intelligent, nimble, and flexible animals that can squeeze their body in narrow spaces and tight crevices. They can easily find their way inside any human-made structures and into our walls through the gaps and cracks in our windows, sidings, doors, and the foundation. They can even swim through our drainage system and enter our home. Once it gets inside the wall, getting them out can be tricky.

What Draws the Snake into My Wall?
Businesses and homeowners will often find a snake inside their walls. One possible reason is that it provides them with warmth and security. This is why we will often find them here during the winter season. Snakes may also be attracted to the scent of the rodent. As we all know, rats and mice are included in the natural diet of the snake. Therefore, if you have an infestation in your walls, it will not be surprising to find them there.

How to Determine the Location of the Snake in My Wall?
It can be quite annoying to randomly cut a portion of your wall and hope that the snake will be there. Fortunately, there are some signs that you need to watch out for to pinpoint the location of the snake easily. For instance, you may hear the strange sound of the snake. If you see a shed snakeskin inside the house, it is also a strong indication that you are housing a snake. The droppings that contain parts of its prey, such as fur, bones, and teeth, are also signs of their presence. If you don't want to randomly drill a hole in your wall, there's an easier way to get rid of them.

How to Lure the Snake out of My Wall?
Start by lowering the temperature in the part of the house where you suspect that a snake is likely hiding. Snakes will be incapable of regulating their body temperature, so they rely on other sources to keep them warm. This method may cause discomfort on the part of the snake and force them to leave their hiding area. Another method is to add a source of warmth inside the room like a heating pad. The snake can sense this item and will leave its den to investigate it. If you have a snake cage, you can place the heating pad inside to make it easier to capture the animal. You should also analyze the time when the snake is more active. If it is nocturnal, you will have a better chance of luring them when you do our tips at night.

While there is only a small chance that you are housing a venomous snake, capturing the snake must always be taken seriously. If you don't have the experience and skills to do it, avoid doing this. Most of the accidental bites from the snakes are due to people trying to capture them. It would be better to ask a professional to handle your problem.

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